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Participants who like to enter the annual Master Franks Crystal Classic Registration and payment is done online


Umpires who are willing to referee at the Master Franks Crystal Classic Tournament,
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Coaches who assist their students during the Master Franks Crystal Classic Tournament
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When you register to participate in the Master Franks Crystal Classic Tournament you agree with the liability waiver below

I  the  undersigned,  do  hereby  waive  any  and  all  claims  against  any  and  all  persons  and groups associated with the Master Franks Crystal Classic, I agree to hold harmless, all persons and groups including the event promoter and organisers, Master Franks Fitness Centers, Irish Taekwondo Association, South-East Univercity of Technology Arena Waterford and its representatives, and all persons and groups associated with the  Master Franks Crystal Classic,  for  any injuries or damages sustained by me in connection with my participation at this event, whether accidental or intentional. 

I understand and am fully aware that I am participating in a contact sport and may in the normal course of events sustain an injury while competing.  Therefore, I assume full responsibility for all my actions during and connected with this event.  I also agree that my attendance and or performance may be photographed, filmed or taped and used by the promoter and its agents, I waiver any compensation thereof.  I further agree to abide by ITF Anti-Doping Policy rules and agree to be tested if requested to do so. This document will form the basis of my  contract  with  the  Organiser/Promoter  and  all  its associates/servants/agents. I confirm that all information given above is true and correct and I agree to abide by the tournament rules and accept the Chief Umpire’s decision as final. I confirm that I am physically fit to participate in this event.

 Note: Groin guards (all males) and mouth guards (all competitors) as well as fitting head gear, hand and foot pads are mandatory for sparring competition. No exceptions will be made to this rule. No metal or hard plastic hair clips are allowed.